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Harnesses & Leashes

The AVIATOR Bird Harness is the only ESCAPE PROOF pet bird harness and has 8 patent claims pending. The AVIATOR Bird Harness easily fits the largest pet birds and cockatiels as small as 75 grams.

The AVIATOR Bird Harness is a safe and effective harness and leash restraint systems for birds.

  • One piece design - No buckles or clips
  • Easy to install
  • Elastic wrist leash to absorb impact shock
  • Special collar design
  • Self-adjusting leash - Adjusts as bird climbs or flies
  • Increase flying distance by connecting to FLIGHT LINE or retractable cord leash
  • Available in 4 sizes; Cockatiels through Macaws

The Aviator Bird Harness Complete with 40 min. DVD

Please Note that we cannot guarantee color choice. If you must have a particular color please indicate so in the order comments section of checkout.

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