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Flight Suits & Attire

Great FlightSuits and avian attire from Avian Fashions... Outfits for many occasions.

SIZE chart provided by Avian Fashions:
Petite: Parrotlets, Smaller Lovebirds
X-Small: Lovebirds, English Budgies
Small: Green-cheeked Conures, Poicephalus (Senegal, Meyers, etc.)
Medium: Cockatiels, Quakers
Large: Larger Conures, Mini Macaw
X-Large: Umbrella & Eleanora
Wide: Goffin's, Timneh
Wide Plus: Small Cockatoos, Severe
X-Wide:Congo, Amazons, Eclectus (Solomon Island)
X-Wide Long: Grand & Vosmarie Eclectus
X-Wide Plus: Larger Greys and Eclectus (Red-Sided)
Jumbo: Moluccan & Large Cockatoos
Mammoth: Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Military
Colossal: Green-wing, Hyacinth