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We categorize our cages and some toys by bird size. Use the Bird Sizing Chart to determine the right size cage for our bird. You will find the sizing chart in the 'Important Information' area on the left side of the site.

Rosie is very ‘picky’ in the cages she offers — you can be assured that the cage you select is of the highest quality welded metal, the right size for your bird with appropriate bar spacing and gauge, and slide out grates, seed guards and skirts.

We offer three styles of cages:

  • Dome Top (great for birds that like to climb and need head room – approx. 25% more)
  • Play Top (Eclectus and African Greys love play tops. Also, good when space is an issue)
  • Victorian style (dome-like with an opening on the top)




  1. Submit a separate order when buying a cage.
  2. HQ cages and stands are 'dropped shipped' to your address; Shipping charges apply. Shipped via UPS or local carrier (if a large cage).
  3. Prevue cages and stands are designated for ‘local pick-up only’ (you would pickup at Beaker’s home-store location in NE Pierce County, Washington).