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Avian FRESH Sprouts

Avian FRESH diets are the result of 18+ years of research and use with more than 400 parrots of over 50 species. The concept being that wild birds eat living scculent foods without synthetic vitamins, preservatives, concentrates, etc., and have access to and utiliize a vast array of herbal plant life.

The seeds, grains and legumes used are the finest human-grade and in proportions providing the best complementary combinations. Wherever possible, ingredients are certified organically grown with most grains provided in hulled form (saving you money and no debris to clean up).

The Avian FRESH Program is not only the finest avian diet you can feed, it is also easy to prepare. The sprouting system (kit) supplies FRESH living food with only two to four minutes of effort per day. Here are the program elements:

  • Two Avian FRESH Diets (AFD) to chose from:
    • PSITTACINE - with 17 seeds, grains and legumes
    • MICROGRAIN - with 15 seeds, grains and legumes
  • FRESH Addition - a 100% natural powdered supplement with every element essential to prime health and discease resistance. FRESH Addition is comprised of the finest blue-green algae, barley grass, alfalfa leaf, trace mineral clay, probiotics and herbs and spices.
  • FRESH Stabilizer - a non-toxic citrus bioflavanoid (Grapefruit Seed Extract) that eliminates the possibility of undesirable microorganisms during the sprouting process
  • GEO Sprout Jar with holder - Food-Grade glass jar (approx. 3c.), stainless steel mesh screen & plastic threading insert-Angled removable stainless steel mounting rack-Ceramic base/tray with counter-top friendly pads.

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