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Goldenfeast® is a manufacturer of gourmet foods for exotic birds and small animals. With a proven track record since their incorporation in 1991, Goldenfeast® continues to expand and improve their already vast array of gourmet delicacies.

Goldenfeast® offers the following highlights:
- Over 350 human grade ingredients used in our formulas
- As many as 55 ingredients are in a single blend
- Presently 45 blends are offered with new product development always in the forefront
- When sunflower is called for, we use only human, edible grade California variety
- Uses only roasted peanuts and pre-cooked beans in their formulas
- Goldenfeast® formulas are made WITHOUT added dyes, vitamins, or artificial flavors
- Goldenfeast® Goldn’obles was developed after years of research. Corn is NOT the #1 ingredient.
- This extruded food is “Made with Organic Ingredients.”

Goldenfeast® offers a blend for every niche, such as:
- No peanut formula
- Preservative free formulas
- Formulas free of corn
- Quick Cook formulas
- Vegetable Blends
- Fruit Blends
- Nut Blends

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