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Baby Parrots for Sale at Beaker's Parrot Place

Rosie and Beaker share responsibilities:

  • Rosie manages the Avian Outfitters online store that has great birdie supplies
  • Beaker serves as mascot for Beaker's Parrot Place, where folks can purchase sweet hand-raised baby parrots

If you live in Washington State and you are looking for a sweet companion parrot as a family member, or you just want to add another bird to your personal flock, give Beaker a call at 360-829-6643 to talk about having a baby parrot hand-raised especially for you.

If you're interested in seeing what parrots we currently have available, click on the Beaker's Parrot Place logo above and than navigate to the 'Parrots for Sale' page.

While you are thinking about parrots..., check out the Rosie's 'Bird Sizing Chart' on this site to find out what types of cages, toys and cage accessories are the most appropriate for the type of parrot you are interested in.