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Toy Safety

Rosie wants to ensure that your birdies have a blast playing with their toys and that they are SAFE. Therefore, Rosie buys select toys that follow these safety guidelines:

  • Zinc-free metals
  • Dye-safe woods
  • Vegetable tanned leather without chemicals
  • Birdie-safe polyethylene rope that has been tested and proven safe and used by many toy manufacturers
  • Birdie-safe plastic parts, hard plastic Beads and various acrylic parts
  • Cotton rope designed not to create long strands of thread that can trap or injure your bird

Rosie's tips to remember:

  • Always choose the right size toy for your bird. Rosie's have tried to categorize the toy items so that it is easy to select the correct one, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Check toys regularly for damage, especially bell clappers. Bells are not safe for all birds. Some birds can be rough on toys and can pull out clappers. Please keep this in mind when selecting toys for your parrot.